Past Events

MARCH 2018
MI organised a “brainstorming” session on MEDIATION–THE WAY FORWARD organized at the Indian Merchants Chamber, Churchgate, Mumbai.

The event was extremely well attended with several Lawyers, Judges and eminent professionals present.

The event focused on “what requires to be done to get the corporate world to make mediation the preferred, if not the default, mechanism for efficacious resolution of disputes?”

There was an informative session followed by a brainstorming session with valuable take aways.

APRIL 2018
MI was invited to do an awareness program for mediators, lawyers and judges in April 2018 which was held in Kolkata. There were about 100 participants from Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal. From MI, we had Mr. Sriram Panchu, Ms. Pushya Sitaraman, Mr. AJ Jawad, Ms. Kavitha Balakrishnan and Ms. Chitra Narayan as resource persons.

The program was held in the West Bengal Judicial Academy, Kolkata. The program included an overview of mediation and the progress made in India, conflict Management and Resolution and Communication, the benefits of mediation, and the responsibilities that fall to Mediators, Lawyers and Referral Judges to make for an effective process and International Developments in Mediation, which also covered the Singapore Convention on International Settlement Agreements


The second MI initiative was a mediation training program on 11.8.2018 at the invitation of Jharkhand High Court Mediation Monitoring Committee at Ranchi and the Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JHALSA). This was attended by Mr. Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and Mediator, Ms. Varuna Bhandari, Ms. Chitra Narayan, Ms. Kavitha Balakrishnan, Ms. Rukmani Menon and Ms. Krittika Krishnamurthy. Mediators from all districts of the State attended the event.

The program ended with the adoption of the Ranchi Declaration. This declaration is relevant to all of us in the mediation family and stirring in its idealism. Here it is:

Ranchi Declaration:

Recognising the growth and development of mediation in India as a preferred method of resolving disputes;

Recognising further that mediation has the potential to accommodate the specific needs of, and resolve disputes in tribal communities and other communities;

Recognising also that mediation will facilitate autonomy in resolution of disputes by tribal and other communities;

We resolve to take measures for study and research, empowerment, education and training, facilitating and conducting mediation in keeping with the culture and needs of tribal and other communities, and to establish mediation centers in every taluk, with the participation of members of the community.

MARCH 2019

ON 6th March 2019 MI held a function at the High Court of Madras. This was presided over by Justice Vineet K Kothari and attended by judges, mediators and lawyers. This function was to felicitate Mr. Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and President of Mediators India on his being honored by the Bar Association of India for his contribution to the growth of mediation in India and to appreciate the progress this symbolized for the mediation movement and raise awareness of mediation.



On 22nd February MI held an event at VT Hall, Raj Palace, Sundar for mediators to meet and discuss the draft legislation on Mediation. This was well attended by members and other mediators. Several suggestions were made by the group which were recorded in the presence of of members of the Committee working on the draft legislation on Mediation.